Open your Tangerine account and earn $50 with your Orange Key referral bonus program

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Learn how you can easily earn up to $220 in bonuses by opening always-free Tangerine accounts.

Earn a $50 double bonus when you open a new Tangerine account with an Orange Key in Canada before August 31st — it's free!

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How to earn your $50 bonus:

The first step to earning your Tangerine Orange Key bonus in Canada is to sign up for the Tangerine account of your choice. Your Orange Key will work when you open a Tangerine Chequing Account or a Tangerine Savings account.

In fact - you can open both accounts are receive your Orange Key Bonus twice! That's a $100 gift given to you by Tangerine (formerly ING Direct).

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Once you have registered for your account using your Orange Key, you must confirm your identity. The fastest way to do that is by going to a Canada Post location with two pieces of ID and a utilities bill.

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After you have confirmed your identity, simply link an exisiting bank account with your new Tangerine account, and transfer (for free) the minimum requirement of $100. Your $50 Tangerine Orange Key bonus deposit will appear shortly thereafter.

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Your Tangerine Orange Key can get you a bonus of up to $220.
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How to open a Tangerine Orange Key Bonus Referral Account

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Why Tangerine is the best bank for Canadians in 2015

Tangerine is an online bank

Formerly ING Direct Canada, Tangerine opened in 2012 as an online-only bank for Canadians.

Since it is primarily online, there are no expensive branches to open - so Tangerine passes on those savings to us, the consumers.

Tangerine offers free chequing and savings accounts with no services charges or fees.

Tangerine pays you interest

Your new Tangerine account is unique. Like most banks, Tangerine offers you interest on your savings account. What no other bank does, however, is offer you interest on your chequing accounts as well!

With Tangerine you are earning interest of every dollar you have with them.

Free ABM access: You can withdraw your money for free at thousands of ABMs nationwide through the Scotiabank® ABM Network. Find the ABM closest to you with our ABM locator.

Pays interest: Earn interest on every dollar in your Account. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.

Free Email Money Transfers: Easily transfer money by email for free!

Interac e-Transfer: You can also send and receive money through Interac® e-Transfer (EMT). Receiving an Interac e-Transfer is completely free, and you can send an Interac e-Transfer instantly for $1.00.

Chequebooks: Your first book of 50 cheques is free. You can write, deposit and even view your cheques online at no extra cost. Subsequent chequebooks can be ordered online for $12.50.

Email alerts: By choosing to receive Orange Alerts, you’ll never have to wonder if payments or deposits have occurred. Orange Alerts send you emails when your money is in motion, to ensure you're on top of it at all times.

Free Whoops! Protection: With Tangerine Chequing, you automatically get 30-Day Whoops!® Protection. This means we'll cover you up to $250 if you're a bit short, and we email you when you’ve used it. If you pay it back within 30 days, we won’t charge you anything. If you don't, you’ll be charged a $2.50 Whoops! late fee for every 30 days that the Account balance is under $0.

Bank Drafts: Drafts can be ordered through our website and we'll courier it right to your front door or to your closest Tangerine Café.

Mobile Banking: Our Mobile Banking app is available for all current smartphones and tablets, putting saving and daily banking right at your fingertips. Check your Account balances, pay bills, transfer money, email money, find the closest ABM locations and more.

Cheque-In™: With the Cheque-In feature of our Mobile Banking app, you simply snap a photo of your cheque, enter a few details and the cheque is deposited into your Account instantly. Cheque-In is free and available on all current mobile platforms.

24/7 Live support: Even though Tangerine Chequing is an online Account, we're still here when you need to speak to someone. If you ever have any problems or questions, feel free to call 1-888-464-3232 and talk to a real person anytime day or night.

Security Guarantee: We take security seriously, which is why you get our industry-leading Security Guarantee with your Tangerine Chequing Account. Our enhanced DoubleSafe login process protects you and your Accounts from unauthorized access, while reassuring you that you are at the real Tangerine website.

Our encrypted website ensures confidential data is protected online. All information you share with us is held in the strictest confidence and is in compliance with privacy standards followed by all major Canadian financial institutions.

We have an ongoing commitment to build innovative and proven security features that enhance your banking experience. That’s why Tangerine offers you free IBM Security Trusteer Rapport software to provide online identity theft and online transaction protection. IBM Security Trusteer Rapport will protect your web browser session with any website that contains private or personal information. It doesn’t require any configuration or maintenance. Simply install and browse safely.

SecureChip: Your Tangerine Client Card contains an embedded microchip for safe and secure banking. Using proven technology, your Card helps protect your Accounts and personal information from fraud and theft.

Tangerine is committed to ensuring that any fees we need to charge our Clients are fair, and all of our Accounts are considered to be either low-fee or no-fee.

Online daily banking FREE
Tangerine Email Money Transfers FREE
Interac® e-Transfers $1.00
ABM deposits / withdrawals (Tangerine or Scotiabank) FREE
Online statements FREE
Bill payments FREE
Debit purchases FREE
View cheque image online FREE
First cheque book (50 cheques) FREE
Additional cheque books (50 cheques) $12.50 each
Whoops!TM Protection (initial 30 days) FREE
Whoops! Late Fee (after 30 days) $2.50 every 30 days
Stop payment 1 FREE per year $10 each thereafter
Replacement Client card 1 FREE per year $15 each thereafter
Canadian drafts (includes courier) $10
NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) – returned cheques & Pre-Authorized Debits $25
Other ABM withdrawals (not a Tangerine or Scotiabank ABM) - In Canada $1
Other ABM withdrawals (not part of Global ATM Alliance) - In the US / Worldwide $2

Switch to Tangerine Chequing: Tangerine Chequing isn't just easy to use; it's easy to open and set up too. Once you’ve enrolled, you just need to provide your initial deposit cheque, which will link your current chequing account to your new Tangerine Account. This also lets you transfer money back and forth whenever you want between the accounts. And now, the Cheque-In™ feature of our Mobile Banking app makes this simpler than ever. Just download the free app, log in and follow the Cheque-In instructions to take a photo of your cheque and upload it. Or, if you prefer, you can mail your initial cheque to us.

Ready to open your free Tangerine account and earn your $50-220 Orange Key referral bonus?

Today's Orange Key is:


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Learn how you can earn up to $220 in bonuses with your Tangerine Orange Key

Open your new Tangerine chequing account

Earn $50

  • Open your Tangerine chequing account
  • Use your Orange Key on signup
  • Deposit $100 in your new chequing account
  • Receive your $50 bonus!

Open your new Tangerine savings account

Earn $50

  • Open your Tangerine savings account
  • Use your Orange Key on signup
  • Deposit $100 in your new savings account
  • Receive your $50 bonus!

Transfer your payroll direct deposit to Tangerine

Earn $120

  • Open your Tangerine chequing account
  • Transfer your payroll to your Tangerine account
  • Receive your $120 bonus!

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